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The issue with AMD Radeon GPU’s, Parsec, and Davinci Resolve

Few days ago I found a very interesting issue: my Davinci Resolve doesn’t want to playback or render any video. It’s not related to codecs (I tried H.264, H.265, BRaw, Prores – all with the same result, blank window).

Since I’m using the machine remotely (Ryzen 9 5900X, 128GB RAM, Windows 10 latest, Resolve Studio 18.5 – using Parsec latest) I thought that the issue might be related to something with Parsec or any remote settings, so I tried running Resolve locally and … yup, same issue, no playback/rendering…

Looking around the net and within Blackmagic forum (long story short: Resolve tries to render/playback with the virtual display driver, this driver doesn’t have such capabilities – ergo, blank screen!), the general solution the people have suggested, it to uninstall or disable the Virtual Display. I did it, rebooted the machine and … viola! Resolve works!…

But with one big issue: I need multi monitor support with Parsec, and without it, I cannot see the clean feed or have any remote multi monitor support. Bummer!

Fortunately, Kodikuu from the Parsec discord channel mentioned to me that dumb plugs which can be connected, replacing the Virtual display driver. I purchased few (here – if you want a Display Port, and here – for HDMI), connected them, reboot and – yup, Parsec let me remotely add displays and the rendering/playback works!

Another issue: it appears that sometimes Parsec won’t restart on AMD based systems with Radeon graphics. It’s a known issue but there is no solution… so I found a workaround: Install Parsec as “shared” with the virtual display driver, reboot, and then go to the Device Manager, open the the “Display Adapters” section and uninstall the virtual display adapter. Do not uninstall it from the add/remove software section in Windows. With this workaround, Parsec will auto start.

Thanks a lot for the parsec team and Kodkuu from their Discord channel

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