TIP: What to do when Whatsapp does not play videos?

I had this issue within the last few days on my Pixel 6 with WhatsApp: I received voice message and they were playing without an issues. Pictures, messages – the same.

The only problem: I could not play any video clips which were sent to me on my Pixel. I could play them without an issue on the Web based interface, but not on my phone. Most of the tips that I’ve received about this issue can be summed by “Reset your phone”, which is for me an impossible thing as I use the CPU’s Trust (the “TEE” part) and that would take me a lot of time to restore from other sources.

After thinking and doing some testing – I figured the issue, and it’s pretty stupid: WhatsApp does not know how to handle video well, so unless you’ll have some file manager which can play video, it won’t play any video.

The solution could be one of the following (I’m sure that there are other ways around it):

  1. Install a good file manager (I use Solid Explorer, which has tons of functionality that I need. Please note – it costs money. If you’re looking for a good free solution, install “Files by Google“).
  2. Reboot your device
  3. Your WhatsApp should work and should also play videos without any problem.

Good Luck

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