Author: דורין זביוס

  • Why did AMD kill the Threadripper CPUs?

    The last time AMD mentioned their Threadripper (non Pro) was at the time they released their Threadripper 39XX CPU’s, which was an update to their 29XX CPU line. The 39XX CPU line was great, had an excellent performance, way less bugs compared to the 19XX line and lots of people wanted to buy the boards […]

  • Migrating a Virtual Machine from ESXi to Proxmox

    Sometime you might find yourself in a need to convert a virtual machine from VMWare’s vSphere/ESXi solution – to something which is more open source and more community based virtualization solution, such as Proxmox (Note: nothing is wrong with ESXi, I really like their VMUG advantage offer, but for my needs – Proxmox is more […]

  • KDE Plasma – and keyboard shortcut issue

    Sometime, when using KDE on your favorite Linux distro, you might find yourself trying to open the main launcher (the one on the bottom left, the “Start menu” Launcher) by pressing the Meta/Windows key, and you’ll quickly find out that .. it doesn’t work. You might want to try few tricks which appears on reddit, […]

  • Linux, Bluetooth, Audio hardware – and a sleep issue

    If you have a soundbar, no matter what name/model and it’s connected via Bluetooth, you might know the issue: You pair your Soundbar (or any Bluetooth Audio device, like headphones), it pairs successfully, you can hear music and you can use the device without any issue … … until it decides to “sleep” (or power […]

  • Wildcard DNS in Pihole

    If you’re running a home lab (or a development environment) – you might be running a DNS server, like bind to manage your DNS records, zones, etc, and frankly, bind does an excellent job at that. However, sometime you might find your self running a home lab with a service like Pi-Hole (to keep those […]