KDE Plasma – and keyboard shortcut issue

Sometime, when using KDE on your favorite Linux distro, you might find yourself trying to open the main launcher (the one on the bottom left, the “Start menu” Launcher) by pressing the Meta/Windows key, and you’ll quickly find out that .. it doesn’t work.

You might want to try few tricks which appears on reddit, but if you’re using Fedora … good luck with that.

So, here’s a short clip I’ve created – how to fix this issue within few seconds.

Enjoy 馃槈

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  1. Setting Meta+A as a keyboard shortcut and then Meta works without the +A?Thay certainly is a trick.Last time I encountered this issue, my solution was to remove the panel then add a new Default Panel. Though that was prior to 2016, and I’ve had no trouble since.

    1. I know it sounds strange, but since neither KDE out gnome allows you to assign a single key, this combo was the solution.

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